My name is Nico Killips and I'm a professional web developer and designer of 15 years. I currently work as an independent consultant helping small to mid size businesses solve problems related to web technology. Most of the work I do is within the scope of front end development; the practice of understanding and modifying the internal components of websites or applications that are responsible for the user's experience.

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I started my career as a print and digital designer in the Greater Lansing area of Michigan. This side-hustle of making promotional fliers for small local businesses quickly evolved (thankfully) into an agency gig.

As time went on, I found myself responding to the needs of my environment and learning how to build websites. I grew to love it!

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In my travels across Detroit, Orlando, and Chicago, I was able to land a number of agency and startup positions that leveraged my skills in responsive design and front end development.


I learned that the web/software space (while it isn't perfect) is aligned to my personality in that it's always evolving. While the frequency and depth of change can be uncomfortable, the idea of "perpetual iteration" is much less anxiety-inducing than the notion of "chasing perfection." This has been a lesson that I try to keep front and center of mind not only for my career, but also for being a better human.

Skills at a Glance

Languages / SYNTAX

Markup, server-side, plugins or frame work syntax I have used throughout my career.

Applescript mySQL*
CLI* Mustache*
Markdown SCSS

Soft Skills / Values

Personal values that I inherently bring to every project.

Budget Awareness Patience
Diplomacy Positivity
Deadline Awareness Pragmatism
Empathy Respect
Flexibility Verbal / Written Communication


Front-end frameworks I have either implemented or modified.

960 Grid

Industry Experience

Industries of which I have directly contributed intellectual resources/property.

Local and State Government Non-Profit Organizations
Private Sector Healthcare Small to Mid-Size Local Businesses
Finance / Crowdfunding Solo Entrepreneurs
Fortune 50 Corporations Startups

Industry Skills

Skills that are specific to software/web development and design.

Agile Methodology Project Planning / Estimation*
Content Management Systems Prototyping (Mockups and Mood Boards)
Design Theory and Critique Responsive Design and Development
DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) SEO*
Image Editing and Optimization Typography
Layout Version Control (git)
Object-Oriented Programming Wordpress Theme Development
Preprocessors Workflow Optimization
Project Management*  


A list of code editors, design software, productivity apps, quality control tools, and project management platforms that I have used extensively.

Adobe Creative Suite JIRA
Alfred MacOS
Atlassian Suite Microsoft Office
Basecamp Pivotal Tracker
Bugherd Sketch
Canva Slack
Cloud Storage Platforms Source Tree
Google Apps Sublime Text
IntelliJ IDE Windows 10
InVision Webflow

Content Management Systems

CMS Platforms of which I have experience with templating, user management, and or privacy/security.


* Contextual experience of varying levels of expertise