Squarespace UX

The content authoring UX of @squarespace could be better. “Save” and “save and publish” both take the user away from the editing window, which is quite cumbersome. But not doing this is problematic if you’re working on a long post and lose internet connection in the middle of your edits (I lost two hours worth of changes). Possible solution: incremental draft auto-save? @slackhq’s implementation has really saved me from situations like this.

I admit, I should have had more presence of mind to stop what I was doing and save my work. I was on a roll and didn’t want to close the mind faucet! Yes, this may be an edge case. However, a user with less patience may abandon the entire platform over an experience like this. After all, time is our most valued commodity and I just lost my ass!

For the record, @squarespace , I’m still a huge fan. I just think this particular UX concern is worth some investigation. :)