Finding Good Twitter Tags


Finding Good Twitter Tags

RiteTag App Review


There a ton of ways to find Twitter tags that are relevant and popular. I’m not going into those but I will go into one tool that works well for me.

First, a few quick things about Twitter.

  • No one strategy will always work
  • It moves really fast
  • You’ll probably need to create more updates/tweets than on any other social media platform. It’s… noisy!
  • Hashtags are really important and can get you in front of a lot of people if you choose the right ones

Rite Tag

I use RiteTag to find hashtags that are relevant and popular. I use the URL “” then add a search term at the end. It’s a quick way to find a few good hashtags.

Do you use a tool to find relevant hashtags for your Twitter posts? I’d love to hear about what you use.