Formatting with Multiple Conditions in Google Sheets

google sheets formatting with multiple conditions.png

In my Etsy adventures, I'm always trying to find ways to improve my productivity. Streamlining my process for finding good tag phrases for my Etsy listings has been one of my main focuses!

The Problem

I've been tinkering with Google Sheets for a while now and I've built a large tag database. Since the file has become so large, it is cumbersome to look at several columns of data!

I want to be able to look at only the tag column and determine at a glance if that word has good stats.

The Hypothesis

The pseudo code/ map of what I had in mind looked something like this:

for columnA (Tag) 
if columnB (Competition) is "Very Low" 
columnC (Engagement) is "Very High"
color columnA Bright Green

Basically, I want the cells of column A to be bright green when column B is "Very Low" and column C is "Very High." Low competition and high engagement; the sweet spot!

The Solution

Low and behold, I discovered Able Bits, which posted about this exact scenario. Huge thank you to them!

google sheets conditional formatting window.png
google sheets conditional formatting rules.png
google sheets custom formatting formula window.png

In short, I used the AND function to achieve the formatting I wanted. It does exactly what I was hoping for: formats the color of cells in column A when conditions from columns B and C are met.

=AND($B:$B="Very Low",$D:$D="Very High")

The End Result

I set up multiple formatting conditions for column A. Since there won't be a large number of ideal keywords that fit the criteria perfectly, I wanted to make a scale of colors going from red (meets the least requirements) to Bright Green (meets all the requirements.)

google sheets conditional formatting result.png

Now I can look at one column to determine which keywords I want to use instead as opposed to several; saving lots of time and energy (and eye strain!)