Agency Employment History


Chicago, IL


Vodori is a boutique SAAS/Consulting agency that specializes in building custom solutions for large-scale, global corporations with complex business needs. My role at Vodori was primarily a consultant in the realms of CSS/LESS/HTML, front-end build processes, user interface design, and responsive design and development.

Early Shares

Chicago, IL

developer / designer

EarlyShares, an emerging CrowdFunding platform, needed a front-end developer/designer to assist with a complete re-design and codebase overhaul of their website. Some of my responsibilities included: quality control for all front end code, responsive design and development, content strategy, wireframing, mood board creation, high fidelity mock-ups, and competitive analysis research.


Detroit, MI

digital designer / web developer

I was hired by Oceanvue as a designer and developer. My work consisted of digital design, front-end development, content management system customization and development.

M3 Group

Lansing, MI

print / web designer

Motion Marketing & Media brought me on as the lead web developer. My work included: project management, developing improvements to internal practices and project management, client management, digital design, web design and development, event planning assistance, online marketing strategy, and social media upkeep for new and existing business.

Donovan and Smith Marketing and Media

Lansing, MI


Donovan and Smith was a marketing agency in Lansing, MI and was my first agency job. My primary responsibilities were graphic and digital design. However, as the agency evolved, I was responsible for designing and building static and flash interactive websites.


★ Recipient of a Silver Addy for the Interactive Campaign category